Janie Matthews Read is an artist based in Totnes, Devon, who specialises in paintings inspired by the beauty of her natural surroundings. Her large brightly coloured canvas's of flowers, trees, landscapes and the natural environment are executed using a variety of Mixed Medium, including Resin, Watercolour and Acrylic. Her overriding passion though, has always been to put her feelings and ideas onto canvas, where she can really express this through her courageously, colourful art, pulling from the bewildering beauty that can only be found in nature.

Her work has sold in different parts of the world. In addition to contributing to many fundraising events through donations, she has had several of her pieces displayed for their therapeutic value. Janie will also take commissions, including paintings of pets.

Janie Matthews Read Artist Logo

‘A combination of bold colour and shape are transformed into bright and beautiful art!’

View my paintings:

Large resing painting of a poppy by Janie Matthews Read


Janie Matthews Read's Painting of a Poppy


Painting a dog done in acrylic paints by Janie Matthews Read


Large painting of flowers done by Totnes artist Janie Matthews Read